Author, writer, editor and publisher, T. Russell Benedict. See me. Read me. Explore the site and taste. See if what I write tickles at something deep inside. Then walk away a better person for having been here.

Whether it’s something in the self-help section, something a little meatier regarding non-fiction and spiritual subjects, or something a little easier to read in the fantasy and sci-fi genres, I probably have something here that would interest you.

So feel free to look around, read some of the book summaries, then get something to read and enrich yourself. All of my writing has a purpose, and you can benefit from it, or just plain enjoy it.

With that said, enjoy!

Tales From the Alaskan Side

Tales from the Alaskan Side It’s thirty one stories and essays gathered and written by the author T. Russell Benedict while working all across the state of Alaska over the course of several different years, one story for each day of the month. These are stories picked up while sitting around campfires, while swapping tales …

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Gas Prices climbing again, just like always…

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, gas prices are slowly starting to inch back up again, and the writer Tim Benedict has re-released one of his most popular books/ebooks. In it, he shares tons of ways for people to get better gas mileage, in almost any fossil-fuel vehicle (gasoline, diesel, natural gas, propane, etc and …

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