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T. Russell Benedict (me), author, musician, and jack of all trades.

I write. I edit. I play music. I write music. I teach. I wire things up. I fix things. I design and build things. I research things. I invent. I read. I speak smatterings of several different languages.

I love a good road trip. I love my wife and kids. I love Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. I love counseling and reaching out to wounded people. I love the outdoors. I love caving and canoeing. I love playing with electronics and computers.

I live in the mountains, and love it. I used to live off the grid, and intend to go back to that way of life. I help fight forest fires in the summertime, and work in construction in Alaska in the wintertime. In the spring and fall I work at a ranch for troubled teenagers, teach High School Sunday School Class at Garden Valley Calvary Chapel, and host monthly Xbox nights for local kids. I also DJ at the local community radio station that I helped found and am now the engineer of it.

And I’m also dad to 9 kids (hers, mine, theirs). Even more that call me dad. I grew up in Boise, Idaho, but moved around a lot as a teenager and young adult. I even lived in South America for awhile when my dad went to Ecuador to wire up a hospital. Yes, we had pet parrots, yes, I had a pet monkey, and yes, we swang on vines in the jungle.

In college, I studied several different degrees paths, but never could decide what I really wanted to be when I grew up. Now, I think I know, I think. I want to be a successful writer.I do still harbor and nurture a dream of building a camp/sanctuary/recovery center someday, but we’ll see how that goes.

So on cold nights under skies often lit by either the rage of a forest fire, or the cold fire of the Northern Lights, I write my thoughts and stories for all to read and share in.

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