Currently available books

Books in process or soon to be written

  • An Ancient Nuclear War and a Coverup of Historical Proportions
  • Tales from Alaska – short stories from Tim’s Alaskan Adventures
  • Through the Fire (T Russell Benedict Autobiography)
  • The Annuls of Krysolarus – fantasy/sci-fi fusion series set in the same universe as the Broken Power Sci-fi trilogy
  • The Languages of Respect – Tim’s answer to the Five Love Languages Idea
  • A Stable Man – a study taken from Tim’s talks in Youth Group and Project Patch Youth Ranch
  • Across the Wall – Four teenagers learn to live in the wild after escaping a fascist orphanage
  • Brother Mine – two brother, a girl, a starship, and the fate of the world…
  • The Man behind Garden Valley Radio – a biographical snapshot of Rex LeFever, the man behind Garden Valley Community Radio
  • Antigravity 101 – A Primer